L example 2x2 hole in depth


  • Disconnected left side results in less aggregate placements due to having four 2-high edges
  • No vertical Z placement. Z on the right will open up options, but an S can cause instability as shown below:

  • Five +1 adjacent height difference (AHD) patterns, a staircase/bumpy pattern that reduces options
  • No vertical Z placement. Two Zs cause a nasty staircase pattern and do not allow placement for a third Z.

  • Sustains S and Z combinations
  • No staircase pattern
  • Three 2-high edges instead of four


  • Although not the ideal surface, a second L in both options result in an identical outcome that supports S- and Z-pieces as well as provides flatness for O- and J-pieces

S- and Z-pieces

The middle empty 2x2 cannot support S and Z combinations for long.


  • Supports multiple S- and Z-pieces, and future ones afterward.


Both options result in challenging follow-ups when T comes.


The main advantage of putting the 2x2 empty space on the side opposed to the middle is the stability it provides for future S- and Z-piece combinations.

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