To "skim" means to clear Singles, Doubles, or Triples over the Tetrising column. You can lower the stack's height without covering the Tetrising column. It also helps in handling awkward pieces that may not fit otherwise.

Leave an empty nook alongside the edge. This provides a safety net against overstacking.

Even a shallow notch enables skimming opportunities.

Here are some examples.

It is usually better to maintain a notch even after you skim. Avoid raising the surface next to the Tetris column when possible.

You don't always need to immediately clear away residue when covering the Tetrising column. Sometimes you know a piece will work, but you get early in the sequence.  But there is a trade-off between temporarily covering the Tetrising column and ensuring skimming ability. You must weigh the risk of not being able to Tetris (should an I-piece come) against the risk of not having placed a fail-safe skimming piece when you had the chance.

Awkward pieces can be dealt with this way as well.

Lastly, skimming allows you to surgically fix holes near the surface without needing to destroy the entire stack.

Diagrams made with tage.

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