2013-09-08 Upstacking
2013-09-08 Downstacking
2013-09-08 Multiplayer Metrics
2014-12-10 Multiplayer Efficiency
2013-09-08 Sliding
2013-09-08 Skimming
2013-09-08 Squiggly Platform Tetris Starters
2015-06-02 Tetrising in the Middle Compared to the Side
2012-09-06 T-Spin Double Openings: Single Bag Systems
2011-09-11 Notes on 4-wide
2010-12-05 Evaluating the 6-3 Split
2013-10-03 My Keyboard Setup
2010-12-16 How Modern Multiplayer Works
2015-04-12 World Record 40 Lines Progression
2016-05-19 Perfect Clear Brute Forcing
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Special thanks goes to the Tage image maker, vipjun, and the many other players at Harddrop who helped me to gain a better understanding of Tetris over the years.